Street & Breakdance

These Street & Breakdance classes start at age 4-7 for Lil’ Crew, age 8+ for Big Crew. The classes are very popular at the academy & there is usually a waiting list of children wanting to start. Jenny has a very strong presence of boys in the class so the classes are designed to cater for this. Jenny has an all boy break dance crew called ‘Dynamix’ who have been competing in Street & Breakdance competitions since March 2016 & they have had great success winning lots of trophies. As well as Dynamix competing in the competitions Jenny has also taken an under 10 crew & an under 18 crew to competitions & they have also had success with placing 1st & 2nd place. The competitions are a fantastic experience for the children as the get to see other groups dancing & gain invaluable experience from watching the professional judges, taking workshops with them & soaking up the atmosphere of the day, I have seen their confidence grow from strength to strength as a result of taking part in these competitions.

Jenny teaches a lot of Break Dance in her classes & has some fantastic Bboy’s & Bgirls’s developing. B-boy/girling or breaking is a style of street dance that originated primarily among Puerto Rican & African American youths during the mid-1970’s in the Bronx. Street & Breakdance uses different body movements, spins, arm movements, leg movements, all of which are done to the rhythm of hip hop music. Breakdancing was most popular in the 1980s but continues to be common today.