Adult Ballet Class (Beginners)

Take up ballet as an adult

Ballet isn’t just for kids. Stretch yourself no matter how old you are. You should never assume that you are too old to try Ballet or try Ballet again if you did it as a child, you can learn ballet at any age. In a Beginners adult Ballet class the atmosphere is relaxed, yet the class is keenly focused. A common childhood Ballet memory may be feeling like an elephant, clumsy and unable to keep up. At that point, most people give up as a child. Ballet is creative, expressive, great for flexibility and co-ordination. And even adults with no experience can achieve amazing things. You can come into class and fall over your own feet, but by the time you leave, your wellbeing will have improved, you will look more poised, and stand an inch taller

If  you are new to Ballet then our Ballet Classes for Beginner are the perfect way to start your journey. These classes are also suitable for those of you seeking to refresh your skills. If you have done Ballet up to a more advanced level then the Intermediate class will be more suitable for you.

Our Beginners Adult Ballet lessons provide a fun introduction to Ballet. They will cover basic ballet principles in a supportive environment. Ballet terminology will be explained and demystified. The classes will cover barre work, centre practice, allegro (jumps), pirouettes (turns) and some choreographed phrases.


Topics covered will generally include:

  • Establish basic ballet vocabulary and the purpose of each exercise
  • Develop strength, flexibility and better posture
  • Improve coordination
  • Broaden awareness of the body in space
  • Put techniques into practice by mastering simple choreographic phrases

You will be given friendly feedback and support from the teacher throughout the course.

Courses run in 6-7 week blocks & run in line with School holidays. Please get in touch if you would like the details of when the next course is starting.

16 Jul @ 19:00
19:00 — 19:45 (45′)

Studio Two

Jessica Kitchen


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