Annual Show
Every year JC Dance Academy hosts its annual variety show. This event is about showing off your child’s newly acquired dancing prowess to friends and relatives whom you choose to invite!

More importantly though, it’s a great opportunity to build on your child’s confidence, standing on a stage infant of hundreds of people performing a routine that 12months ago would be well out of their comfort zone. This is a proud moment but also a great opportunity to further their development.

Due to year on year increasing popularity and the previous success of this tried and tested format, we will once again be splitting the schools performances into two sections, both shows on the same day, the matinee at 2pm and the evening performance at half past 7pm.

The matinee show is where the younger dancers are able to perfrom the dances they have been learning throughout the course of the year. The evening show is for the older dancers to perform their dances and show off their skills.

11 May @ 14:00
14:00 — 00:00 (10h)

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