Hip Hop Hippo

This class is for age 2-4, the little girls & boys will learn & develop funky street moves to action songs & the latest music.  The little girls & boys love this class & it is lovely to see their confidence grow & engage with Hip Hop Hippo & the other children in the class. Parents wait in the room next door where there is a CCTV system set up so they can see their child dancing. Jenny believes that having just the dancers in the studio is a very important part of building their independence as a dancer. If a child is unsure for a few weeks initially then Jenny will allow one parent in the room during this time while they settle.

This class is designed to teach them their basic street dance moves & develop their co-ordination skills, they also have the opportunity to be creative. When they turn 4 and once Jenny thinks they are ready she will move them up to street dance lil’ crew.

They are rewarded each week with a sticker on their reward chart, we do a different colour chart each half term, they take the chart home once they have filled it.

Katrine (via Facebook)

My two and a half year is on her second term at hip hop hippo. The team are patient and encouraging , and my daughter loves her classes and looks forward to Saturday mornings!

Hip-Hop Hippo

Thursday, January 24 Class
10:00 - 10:45 45' Hip Hop Hippo age 2-4 Studio OneJenny Corcoran, Kylem Cross
Saturday, January 26 Class
10:15 - 11:00 45' Hip-Hop Hippo (Age 2-4) Studio OneEmily Roberts, Jenny Corcoran